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John Daniel Borkman Henrik Ibsen's second-to-last play adapted David Eldridge

Disgraced bank manager John Gabriel Borkman has served a five year sentence for embezzlement and now resides in the upper storey of a house owned by his wife's twin sister Ella. There, for eight years, he has spent his days pacing up and down like a caged wolf, laying plans for his return to society and never leaving the house.
His wife, Gunhild, lives below. The sisters have not seen each other for nearly eight years whilst John and Gunhild never meet.
The Borkman's student son, Erhart features in each of the trios plans. Fatally ill Ella wishes him to live with her, Gunhild wants him to relinquish his Borkman name to distance himself of his father's criminal disgrace whilst John believes that together they will stir up the country's economy and return to the top of the socio-economic pyramid of power.
Will there be any winners?