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Past Productions

2019 Little Bo Peep
2018 Seussical The Wonderful World of Dissocia The 39 Steps
2017 Aladdin Lathered Up Front
2016 Our House Improbable Fiction Cash on Delivery
2015 Camelot - the Panto ! The Enquiry A Woman of No Importance
2014 The Wizard of Oz Oh, Sir Jasper! Blood Money
2013 Return to the Forbidden Planet Such Things Happen Find Me
Us and Them
2012 Dick Whittington Sherlock Holmes and the Repulsive Affair of the Red Leech Cheshire Cats
2011 Little Shop of Horrors Daisy Pulls it Off Inspector Drake's Last Case
Henna Night
2010Findbhera Sandcastles Sequence of Events
It was a Dark & Stormy Night
2009Pompeii Panto Play On Gym and Tonic
2008 The Lady Pirates of Captain Bree Hard to Swallow
Canterbury Tales
Secondary Cause of Death
2007 Panto at the OK Corral Off the Hook Nightmare
2006 The Generation Gap The Uninvited Black Comedy
House Keeper Wanted
2005 Alice - The Musical The Twits
Ernies' Incredible Illucinations
Melons at the Parsonage
Comic Potential
2004 Cinderella Albert Make Us Laugh Post Horn Gallop
2003 Puss in Boots Cavalcade of Costume Gold
2002 Red Riding Hood The Happiest Days of Your Life Bottom's Dream
The Ritual
2001 Aladdin Brenton vs Brenton
Mother Figure
Curses Foiled Again
(Curses performed by Frettenham Theatre Group)
After the Rain
2000 Crackerbox The Insect Play Old Time Musical Hall
1999 Mother Goose Jane Eyre  
1998 Sleeping Beauty Trivial Pursuits Bathroom Suite (3 plays)
1997 Ali Baba   Selection Box
1996 Over the Moon Beet Toppers and Troshers Club Now Way Out
I never thought
1995 Aladdin - Men in Tights Key for Two
Music Hall
The Enquiry
1994 Cinderella But Yesterday
Hell and High Water
Big Night Inn
1993 Robinson Crusoe Anagram of Murder 40 Years Show
1992 Dick Whittington   Top Gear
1991 Jack and the Beanstalk   Aurelia
1990 Mother Hubbard: Private Eye Spring Trepass
1989 Starcat Summer Show
The Importance of Being Earnest
Room 504
1988 Cinderama Farndale Avenue Macbeth Pity about Kitty
1987Crackerbox Fools Paradise House Guest
1986Sidrat Play On A Tomb with a View
1985Spellbound Blithe Spirit Absent Friends
1984Pickyaown Shut Your Eyes and think of England The Haunting of Hill House
1983Bluebeard 83 Mystery at Blackwater Uproar in the House
1982Cinderama Hayfever
A Slight Accident
Music Hall
1981A Taste of Turkey Ten Times Table Midsummer Mink
1980 Black Comedy
1979A Kiss for Whittington A Letter for the General The Happiest Days of your Life
1978Marry Christmas The Other Fellows Oats  
1977 Fresh Fields  
1976 I Remember Mama  
1974Bluebeard 74 The Lesson
In White America
The Rose and Crown
Johnny Belinda
1973A Taste of Turkey The Poker Session Not Now Darling
1972Buy, Buy, Christmas The Noble SpaniardRitual for Dolls
Black Comedy
1971A Kiss for WhittingtonMadam TictacLittle Boxes
1970 Dinner with the FamilyBoing, Boing
1969 The Little Hut The Anniversary
1968 Shock Tactics Ladies in Retirement
1967 Rape of the Belt Irresistible Albert
The Soldier and the Woman
1966 Murder without CrimeDark Summer
1965 Angels in Love Bell, Book and Candle
1964 Chiltern Hundreds The Bad Samaritan
1963 Love's a Luxury Bonaventure
1962 The Secret Tent Breath of Spring
1961 The Shadow Witness Here we come Gathering
1960 Who Lies There? Dry Rot
1959 For Pete's Sake Cat Among the Pigeons
1958 The Blue Goose This Year, Next Year
1957 Goodness How Sad Murder Happens
1956 Love in a Mist A Lady Mislaid
1955 While Parents Sleep A Murder has been Arranged
1954 Little Lambs Eat Ivy Pig in a Poke
1953 Such Things Happen