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Albert Make Us Laugh by Jimmy Chinn - May 2004

Meet Albert Nuttall – an eleven year old on his first day at Belmont Fields Secondary Modern School. Some would say he is a little backward but really he is very special and just a little bit talented - but children can be so very cruel to each other…
This funny, touching and uplifting story told entirely by adults may well remind you of your own schooldays – and you’ll not be sorry that you laughed. Albert with Enid
Albert Nuttall: Dave Marks
Enid Nuttall: Diane Goldsmith
Headmaster Tope: Tony Stone
Primrose Macaveney: Deborah Dignum
Lobelia Bottomley: Julie Butcher
Barbara Batch: Julie Atkins
Shane Butterworth: Michael Hall
Charlie Shorrocks: Robert Lamacraft
Marigold Tucker: Julie Dignum
Daisy Taylor: Angela Smith
Nora Tooley: Laura Dignum
Eric Smallshaw: Stephen Dunstan
Miss Mint: Julie Dignum
Miss Hemsley: Jenny Howard
Miss Partington: Angela Smith
Mr. Leatherbottle: Jeff Granger

Directors: Richard Clayton, Emma Cliffe and David Marks
DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAMME HERE (Adobe Acrobat reader required) - 480Kb