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Past Productions

Daisy Pulls It Off by Denise Deegan.
Thursday 9 - Friday 10 June 2011

Grangewood School Badge The 1983 Comedy of the Year which ran for three years at the West End's Globe Theatre produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber and revived in 2002 and 2010. It is a gentle parody of the wholesome adventure stories about life in a 1920s girls' English boarding school, such as those by Angela Brazil.

It is 1927 and Grangewood School for Girls welcomes you to a dramatic performance by their forth year pupils (with the help of some of the staff).
Their story is of Daisy Meredith, the first scholarship girl to attend a snobbish boarding school.
Will the other girls take to her? Will she find the missing treasure and save the day?
Who is the mysterious Mr Thompson and can the Russian music teacher be trusted?
 Daisy Meredith       Sabrina Poole
 Trixie Martin        Angela Smith
 Belinda Mathieson    Emily Adams
 Clare Beaumont       Ruth Church
 Sybil Burlington     Laura Dignum
 Monica Smithers      Deborah Dance
 Alice Fitzpatrick    Frankie Reid
 Dora Johnston        Allie Best
 Winnie Irving        Amy Bell
 Wendy Irving         Charlotte Ware
 Diana                Kate Amey
 Pianist              Libby Chapman

 Miss Gibson          Julie Dignum
 Miss Granville       Stephanie Allison
 Mr Scoblowski        Chris Bailey
 Mr Thompson          Stephen Dunstan
 Mother               Jenny Howard
 Mademoiselle         Allie Best

  Director            Richard Clayton
       Assisted by    Eddie Allison
  Stage Manager       Stephen Dunston
       Assisted by    Nathan Harrod, Zac D'Rosario,
  Set Design &
       Construction   Stephen Dunston
  Lighting            Richard Clayton
  Sound               Richard Peat
  Prompt              Eddie Allison
  Front of House      Deborah Dance, Linda Dunston
                      Diane Goldsmith and team
  Bar                 Tony Howard, Katie Howard

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