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Past Productions

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night by Tim Kelly


Sequence of Events by George MacEwan Green
14 & 16 October 2010

By arrangement with Samuel French
Dark & Stormy poster
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
Hepzibah Saltmarsh      Julie Dignum
Arabella                Deborah Dance
Olive                   Katie Atkins
Ebenezer                Stephen Dunstan
Jane Adams              Jenny Howard
Mary Shaw               Laura Daynes
Snell                   John Atkins
Ed Perkins              Paul Allum
Dorothy Blake           Sabrina Poole
Belle Malibu            Allie Best
Dawson                  Stewart MacInnes
Uncle Silas             Mark Harrison
Smiling Sal             Angela Smith
Euphemia                Laura Dignum

Sequence of Events
Herbert Vole            Mark Harrison
Hangman                 Mike Hall
Claude Vole             Darryl Hannan
Margaret Vole           Emily Adams
Lily-Ann Turbett        Beth Wales
With the voices of Katie Atkins and Stephen Dunstan.
Directors               Richard Clayton & Laura Daynes
Stage Manager           Cheryl MacInnes
Set Design              Stephen Dunstan
Set Construction        Stephen Dunstan & helpers
Prompt                  Laura Dignum
Costumes                Julie Dignum & the company
Make up                 Ruth Church
Lighting                Richard Clayton
Sound                   Eddie Allison
Front of House          Lucy Atkins
                        Dianne Goldsmith
                        Celia Granger
Bar                     Tony Howard