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Past Productions

Thursday 20 - Saturday 22nd October 2011

Henna Night by Amy Rosenthal
Dumped by the unseen Jack, Judith (Angie Smith) leaves a tragic phone message, manipulatively hinting at both pregnancy and suicide. But instead of the expected mercy dash from her ex, she receives a visit from his new partner, Ros (Ruth Church).
Directed by Mike Hall.
Please note: This play contains strong language.
Inspector Drake and Sergeant Plod
Inspector Drake's Last Case by David Tristram.
Inspector Drake, hampered by Sergeant Plod, pit their braincell against a cunning villain . . .
Mrs Gargarin is shot dead but who did it and what was the motive - could her son Victor have committed the crime for the inheritance? What is Mr Butler's secret?
As Sergeant Plod advises us:
"Don't believe everything you see, don't always expect a murderer to tell the truth, and above all, make sure you know who's who."
Directed by Julie Dignum with the following cast:
Mrs Gargarin                       Jenny Howard
Mr Gargarin (her son)              Richard Peat
Sergeant Plod                      Deborah Dance
Inspector Drake                    Michael Hall
Miss Duck                          Laura Dignum
Mr Butler (The Guest)              Richard Clayton
Mr Guest (The Butler)              Stephen Dunstan
Mr Cook (The Gardener)             Nathan Harrod
Mrs Gardener (The Cook)            Emily Adams
Mary Ship (The Vicar's Daughter)   Kate Amey
Constable Constable                Nick Whitakker

Stage Manager                      Cheryl Maclnnes
Assistant Stage Manager            Robert Lamacraft
Set Design                         Stephen Dunstan
Prompt                             Eddie Allison
Lighting                           Richard Clayton
Sound & Lighting operators         Frankie Read & Zac D'Rosario
Front of House team:               Paul Allum, Linda Dunstan, Diane Stimpson,
Bar                                Tony Howard