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Past Productions

Play On by Rick Abbot 14-16 May 2009

An amateur theatre company prepares to stage a play called Murder Most Foul but rehearsals are not going well and not helped by a bickering cast and an author who is constantly rewriting the script. Add to that props which appear to have a mind of their own and you have a recipe for disaster.
Aggie Manville : Stage Manager &  Prompt - Julie Butcher
Geraldine "Gerry" Dunbar : a Community Theatre Director - Julie Atkins
Henry Beamish : Lord Dudley - Stewart MacInnes
Polly Beamish : Lady Margaret  - Lucille Sykes
Marla "Smitty" Smith : Doris the Maid - Laura Daynes
Saul Watson : Dr. Rex Forbes - Richard Clayton
Billy Carewe : Stephen Sellers - Tristan Cliffe
Violet Imbry : Diana Lassiter - Deborah Dance
Louise Peary : Sound, Lights &  Scenery Technician - Jenny Howard
Phyllis Montague : A novice playwright  - Diane Goldsmith
Director  - Julie Dignum
Stage Manager  - Ruth Church
Assistant Stage Manager - Cheryl MacInnes
Set Design &  Construction - Stephen Dunstan
Lighting Rigging - Richard Clayton
Lighting - Paul Allum
           Andrew Cliffe
Sound Effects preparation - Eddie Allison
Sound - Lucy Atkins
Prompt - Angie Smith
Costumes - Julie Dignum
Hair - Julie Butcher
Front of House - Lucy Atkins
Photography / Programme - Andrew Cliffe
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