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Past Productions

POST HORN GALLOP - October 2004

      In his ancestral home Chester is once again menaced by his old enemies Capone and Wedgewood.
      Lord Elrood lurks in the flowerbeds with his shotgun ready to defend himself from the butcher boy,
      the postman and any other suspicious characters. Maggie and Bert turn up for a nose around the
      ancestral living room and find more than they bargained for!
      Ada and Chester in an uncompromising position Bert and Maggie stop for a rest
      Directed by Stephen Dunstan
      Cast:  Ada: Deborah Dignum
             Lord Elrood: Stephen Dunstan
             Lady Elrood: Julie Dignum
             Chester Dreadnaught: Michael Hall
             Patricia: Laura Daynes.
             Mrs. Partridge: Jenny Howard
             Bert: Jeff Granger
             Maggie: Linda Phillips
             Mr. Capone: Dave Marks
             Mr. Wedgewood: Richard Clayton
             George Willis: Eddie Allison
      Chester flanked by his enemies, Capone and Wedgewood