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Past Productions

Sherlock Holmes and the Repulsive Affair of the Red Leech by Bob Bishop.
Thursday 21st - Saturday 23rd June 2012

Holmes is asked by London banker, Crosby, to find his daughter, who has been abducted by a sinister intruder.
In a farcical series of accidents, Watson soons find himself accused of murder whilst Mrs Hudson
goes off to brighten the vicar's day.
Undaunted, Holmes unearths a plot which takes us at breakneck speed from a cellar full of leeches, through an
East End brothel to the stage of a London theatre.
For all its joyful humour, the play remains faithful to the pattern and spirit of the Holmes stories, and is
beloved by Sherlockians everywhere.

The cast of Sherlock Holmes and the Repulsive Affair of the Red Leech
Sherlock Holmes, a consulting detective  Richard Peat
John Watson, MD, his companion           Richard Clayton
Mrs Hudson, their housekeeper            Jenny Howard
Inspector Lestrade, of Scotland Yard     Stewart MacInnes
Arthur Crosby, a wealthy banker          Stephen Dunstan
Cyril Holding, his butler                Nathan Harrod
Fanny, his maid                          Angela Smith
Celeste Abercrombie, his housekeeper     Diane Goldsmith
Julia Crosby, his eldest daughter        Julie Dignum
Alice Crosby, his middle daughter        Stephanie Allison
Sophie Crosby, his youngest daughter     Frankie Read
Chloe, an East End prostitute            Paul Allum
Dolly, another prostitute                Diane Goldsmith
Count Dracula                            Paul Allum
Dr Abraham Van Helsing                   Robert Lamacraft
Young Girl                               Kate Amey

Director                                 Jen Alexander
Rehearsal Assistant                      Nick Whittaker
Stage Manager                            Cheryl MacInnes
Prompt                                   Eddie Allison
Wardrobe                                 Julie Dignum & Robert Lamacraft
Make-up                                  Mandy Jean Jordan
Set Design & Construction                Stephen Dunstan
Set Painting                             Jen Alexander, Stephen Dunstan, Jenny Howard,
                                         Stewart MacInnes & Angela Smith
Properties                               Robert Lamacraft, Nick Whittaker, Kate Amey,
                                         Gordon Campbell & the cast
Lighting Rigging                         Richard Clayton
Lighting Operator                        Ruth Church
Video                                    Stephen Allison
Bar & Refreshments                       Tony Howard, Linda Dunstan, Katie Howard & team
Box Office & Front of House              Jen Alexander, Laura Cook & Lisa Peat
A production goes through many stages prior to performance week and we would like to thank
Emily Adams, Andrew Cliffe, Deborah Dance, and Keith Dignum for helping us along the way.
With special thanks to Swallowtail Print - Tel: 01603 868862