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Rackheath Youth Theatre

Started in 2001, the Rackheath Youth Theatre is currently co-run by Deborah Dance and Laura Ferris. The term time classes incorporate acting, singing and dancing. Members of the group are given the opportunity to take part in the Rackheath Players shows and also put on a production once a year to showcase all their newly acquired skills. The youth theatre aims to build upon existing talents and broaden experience in all elements of theatre craft. In a friendly environment, the group provides a great place to meet new people and develop confidence.
When not rehearsing for shows, the youth theatre continue their training sessions and also hold further workshops.
The Youth Theatre also provides opportunities for members to get involved who do not wish to act, as there are times when things have to be made, for example, costumes, props and scenery. During a performance week, makeup and hair, lighting, sound and backstage also need to be worked on.

For further information, including fees please contact our secretary Jenny Howard on (01603) 721709, Laura Ferris (01603) 710430 or Deborah Dance (01603) 958237.